What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures

What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures

If you damage your dentures, it's crucial to avoid attempting home repairs, as this can lead to further damage. Instead, schedule an appointment with your dentist for a professional assessment. At Whole Life Dental, our dentist will evaluate the extent of the damage and recommend appropriate repairs or replacements. In the meantime, if the injury affects the fit or causes discomfort, avoid wearing the damaged dentures to prevent irritation or oral issues. Proper care and timely professional intervention will ensure dentures are repaired or replaced precisely, maintaining their functionality and oral health.

Types of Dentures

Complete Dentures

Complete or full dentures in Greenwood, SC; replace all the teeth in one or both arches (upper and lower). They are typically used when a patient has lost all their natural teeth.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth and are attached to the remaining natural teeth using clasps or other connectors.

Common Causes of Denture Damage

  • Accidentally dropping dentures, especially when cleaning or handling them, can lead to cracks, chips, or even fractures.
  • Biting on hard objects, like ice or bones, can cause damage to dentures, just as it can to natural teeth.
  • Ill-fitting dentures can exert uneven pressure on specific areas, leading to stress fractures or damage over time.
  • Over time, dentures may experience natural wear and tear, which can affect their fit and functionality.

Steps to Take When Dentures are Damaged

  • If you damage your dentures, resist the urge to attempt DIY repairs using adhesives or household materials. DIY fixes can lead to further damage and compromise the integrity of the dentures.
  • If you notice damage, carefully remove the dentures and inspect them. Note the extent of the damage, whether it's a small chip, a crack, or a more significant break.
  • Handle the damaged dentures with care to avoid further breakage. Place them on a soft, clean surface, such as a folded towel, while you assess the situation.
  • The most crucial step is to contact our dentist in Greenwood, SC, as soon as possible. They will guide you on the next steps based on the severity of the damage. Do not delay seeking professional help.
  • Refrain from wearing or using broken dentures. Using damaged dentures can cause irritation, sores, and further complications. Your dentist will assess whether temporary repairs are possible until a permanent solution is implemented.
  • Our dentist will provide specific guidance based on the type and extent of the damage. This may involve sending the dentures to a dental lab for repairs or recommending replacement if the injury is extensive.
  • If you have a backup pair of dentures, use them while waiting for repairs or replacement. Your dentist can advise on temporary solutions if you don't have a spare set.

If you've damaged your dentures, seeking professional assistance is crucial. Visit Whole Life Dental at 301 Montague Ave, Greenwood, SC 29649, or call (864) 229-7092 to schedule an assessment and discuss the best course of action for repair or replacement. 

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